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A Letter to Conservatives

Last spring, I proudly registered to vote as a Republican. Two months later, I became an independent. I didn’t leave the party, the party left me.

Since 2012, the GOP had been making strides to better itself and the country. They conducted a post-Romney autopsy and finally started to reach out to minorities and women. They adopted a more socially tolerant platform, and instead focused their efforts on shrinking a bloated federal government. Things were looking good. But then Donald Trump came along.

With Donald Trump’s highjacking of the GOP, Republicans abandoned their core values of patriotism and responsible government. Their platform was replaced by Trump’s hateful rhetoric and reckless government spending. How ironic that the face of the Party of Lincoln was attacking the Black Lives Matter movement, alienating swathes of young black voters…

For the presidential election, I had nowhere to turn but to Gary Johnson, a former Republican governor who was fiscally conservative and socially tolerant. I thought that, after Trump was walloped by Hillary, a strong Libertarian run would pressure Republicans to get back on course. Boy, was I wrong…

Now that we have President-Elect Trump, we have to fight tooth and nail to ensure American Conservatism survives. Donald Trump’s racist, sexist, and big government rhetoric cannot take over our movement. In fact, he has already proposed a student loan plan that is more left than President Obama’s current plan.

In these next four years, we as Conservatives must remain vigilant. We must fight for the Constitutional, God-given rights of our neighbors. We must ensure that freedom of speech survives. We must ensure that our government, now completely in Republican control, conducts itself in the most streamlined fashion as possible.

To be perfectly honest, I have no idea what Trump will be like. However, I do know that Congress is filled with principled Conservatives uneasy with the idea of a Trump presidency. They will feel pressured to follow Trump’s plan, and we must make sure that that does not happen. We must stay involved: contact our congressmen, rally Conservative voters, and support groups like the American Civil Liberties Union. In two years, we must elect a Conservative congress to buffer the bombastic Donald. And in 2020, let’s get another nominee.

American Conservatism is in danger, but it’d not dead yet. Its survival is now on us.

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