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Catching up with College Athletes

This fall has been full of confusion and uncertainty when it comes to sports and school, and Belmont Hill student-athletes currently playing in college are no exception. Although every school in the country has scaled back their respective programs this fall and potentially this year, some schools and athletic conferences have done so to varying degrees. 

This season, Brown University basketball player David Mitchell ’18 was hoping to continue his promising career this winter. However, after the Ivy League canceled their fall sports, the prospect of having games this winter has come into question. Concerning the chances of having a basketball season, David says, “I don’t even know if we are having one. It’s still up in the air.” Also, the uncertainty of this winter’s season is coupled with the logistical chaos of on-campus living, as is the case for many schools who have decided to have students on campus. David just moved onto campus this weekend, and will have to stay in a separate dorm for 2 weeks until he can move into his permanent dorm. 

As for NESCAC schools, fall sports have also been called off and winter and spring sports are yet to be determined. Amherst college football player Mike Piazza ’19 has begun practicing again with the team, but contact between players is very limited. As is the case for many NESCAC schools, not all students are on campus; in fact, many schools have around half or more attending classes remotely. However, despite the strange new environment, Mike is excited to be back, saying, “I’m definitely glad to be back since I’ve been home for so long and it’s definitely fun to have some of my teammates and friends on campus.” 

Williams lacrosse player Jake Haase ’18 was hoping to continue his career, which started by winning NESCAC Rookie of The Year and USILA All-American Honorable Mention. Although the chances of a spring season are greater than in the fall and winter, athletes are hesitant to assume that a season will occur. As for classes, Jake will be attending remotely from Virginia. 

Division I schools have attempted to take part in a fall season this year, and fortunately for Duke football player Jake Bobo ’18, the ACC has committed to making this season occur. Practices and games are still taking place in the ACC, but games are conference-only. Also, Jake and the rest of the Duke football team are required to attend classes remotely while most students are in-person. Currently, games are scheduled for every week, but the long-term future of the season is very much flexible. 

Lastly, Evan Sleight ’19 is hoping for Rutgers’ spring season to take place. This fall, only athletes are allowed to be on campus, and no classes are meeting in person. Hopefully, the recent plans for the Big Ten conference to move forward in their plans to play are suggestive of a successful winter and spring season for Rutgers; nonetheless, there are no promises in today’s environment. The Panel wishes these athletes and all Belmont Hill athletes the best in this coming year!

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