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November Senate Update

In the last Full Senate meeting before the newest representatives from Form I joined us, we discussed a variety of topics that could benefit school life. Form VI is seeking approval for a student Coffee Bar and expects good news soon. Seniors are also exploring possibilities for a “real” Camp Cody experience this coming Spring. 

The Boo Chapel this year earned (what is said to be) a record number of costume-wearers who were featured in front of the Chapel. Look forward to a similar documentary-skit sometime in December and an action-packed holiday Chapel!

Party with a Purpose will be returning full force, and our newly-assembled BH team will be officially partnering with Dana Hall, NCDS, Rivers, and Winsor. Think Pink, a fundraiser toward breast cancer research, was successfully executed this year. Shout out to Form V Senator Dan Moran and his amazing team. The Senate is also eager to work on this year’s Thanksgiving Drive led by Form III students and their class officers (Evan Dresser, Sam Caulfield, and Chris McEvoy).

We’re now only about a month away from Belmont Hill’s 99th year. While there’s much to be grateful for in returning to normal (family-style lunches, panini presses, Chapels, mask-free life, and many other features of a regular year), much of the talk in the Student Senate has been about what can be new

New also might mean the Belmont Hill Textbook Exchange (belmonthill.winsor.club)–thanks Winsor!–or a sports season waiver for seniors. And more often than not, it means the simple stuff, like changing the schedule for Strength & Conditioning or getting a new table in Goodband Commons. But class officers are happy to do “new” whether big or small, and that’s been the focus of our work these past three months.

New also means student coffee, an outdoor ice rink in the Winter, brand new LOOP merch (under the leadership of Tommy Madden and Shane Kelly), or even just new food. This is where the Student Senate is putting all its energy, and as always we welcome new ideas from anywhere and everywhere to put to work. 

Belmont Hill is likely to partner with DOVE (Domestic Violence Ended) again this year, which is a domestic violence center that serves victims of domestic abuse. Last year, each advisory adopted a person to fulfill their Christmas wishlist, and we’ll be looking to do something similar to that as we gear up for the holiday season. Form V representatives (John Goguen, Daniel Drucker, Joe Puglielli, and Dan Moran) are taking the lead on these service initiatives.

Form IV had a successful class tug-of-war event (the first of its kind at Belmont Hill) just a few weeks ago, and they look to schedule an event like it in the near future. Form II had a Kahoot form-bonding activity, which was a big hit and an exercise in connecting peers together, and they will look for class-wide activities in the coming months. Form II representatives Will Achtmeyer and Nathan Zhang continue to send out frequent newsletters to their form on all things Student Senate and what’s next for their class.

And while it’s not yet the New Year, everybody in the Student Senate is starting to look ahead toward Spring 2022. Seniors are organizing venue options for their class for Prom and Form IV representatives (James Mullowney, Nolan Bibbo, Zach Khozozian) are putting together the first grades 9-10 Semi-Formal in years. Optimism is running high for the next few months, and we’re all excited to see where the year takes our school—Happy Holidays from your school Senate!


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