Varsity Soccer Team Respectfully Triumph over Alumni in Annual Game

On a beautiful, sunny morning, the Belmont Hill varsity soccer team was set to face the alumni as part of the September 12th jamboree. The team met for warm-ups at 9:30 in preparation to play Belmont Hill Alumni of all ages. Despite the scrimmage having zero significance in terms of the season, everyone could feel the competitive spirit buffeting over the grass field. The varsity players looked over to the alumni squad, pointing out who looked talented, who had speed, and who seemed slow and could be attacked on a breakaway. The game also provided for an interesting father-son matchup with Warren Cross ‘17 playing against his father, class of ‘83. As the 10:00 whistle blew, Diego Pereira tapped the ball to Evan Ricci and the game began. The varsity passed the ball around leisurely, doubting the speed and talent of the alumni team and paid the price early in the game. A quick counter attack spurred from a varsity team turnover, and a former college striker/Belmont Hill graduate ripped a shot into the back of the net, putting the old guys up 1-0. Freshman forward Diego demonstrated his skill too, adding a goal of his own for the varsity squad just minutes after to tie the game up 1-1. Mr. Holland, the varsity team’s assistant coach, also played for the alumni and successfully slide-tackled almost every player on his own team. Both teams played an aggressive first half, resulting in a 2-2 tie game after the first 45 minutes. Yet young men’s bodies can sustain more physical activity for a longer time than old men’s can, even if they’re coaches. The second half demonstrated this fact as the alumni struggled for air, constantly substituting players and turning the ball over. The game ended in a 5-4 win for the Belmont Hill varsity team, who I am sure would all say they weren’t even trying their hardest. As much as all the young players doubted the alumni, they sure did provide a competitive atmosphere for a friendly Saturday morning match. Following the game, both teams shook hands and enjoyed lunch on the hill outside of the music building. Seeing all the alumni come out for the game illustrated to the current varsity players how much their soccer career would mean to them when they look back at their years on the Hill.

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