Artist of the Issue: Davi Ribeiro ’23

With his older brother graduating from Belmont Hill in 2015, Davi Ribeiro ’23 came to the United States four years ago to begin his own journey at Belmont Hill. His childhood in Brazil was always filled with music, often singing in his church and even taking up solos. Davi’s love for music led him to pick up the guitar, which he has continued to play since childhood. As he grew older, Davi felt intrigued to learn a new instrument; through heartfelt passion and dedication, he managed to learn how to play the alto saxophone by himself, opening up new doors of opportunities in the realm of saxophones. These opportunities would present themselves during his time at Belmont Hill, where Davi was able to play not only the alto saxophone, but the soprano and baritone as well. 

Throughout the years, he has thoroughly enjoyed his experience with the Upper School Jazz Band, noting that “Mr. Fiori is definitely the best music teacher and conductor I’ve ever worked with!” Davi has become a prominent leader among jazz musicians at Belmont Hill, and he currently serves as the Vice-President of Belmont Hill’s premier jazz ensemble. Apart from instrumental music, Davi is a passionate singer as well; he is an active member of the B-Flats, participating in the group simply because he “loves to sing.” Davi says that his “experience in the B-Flats and Jazz Band has been amazing for the last couple of years, and it’s very exciting to see both ensembles continue to grow. Hopefully more students will see the value in music and join a musician group!” 

The Panel wishes Davi the best of luck as he heads on to college next year and congratulates him for his unwavering commitment to the arts program during his time at Belmont Hill. 

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