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Artist of the Issue: Elias Hyde

If you have seen illustrations in The Panel, chances are the artwork was made by Elias Hyde. This artist has contributed much to the performing arts at Belmont Hill through his compositional prowess in painting and drawing. Beginning in Form II, Elias came upon a passion for the arts when assigned a school project to paint a mural of a woman in Central Square, Cambridge. From then, he found a natural allurement to pencil-drawings and paintings, mainly focusing on murals. His perseverance, along with his natural talent, earned him four Scholastic Gold Keys and the Belmont Hill Art Award at Prize Day last year.

Inspired by Guy Denning’s style of art, Elias taught himself the ways of the brush and pencil, though he attributes much of his improvement in landscape art to Mr. Zamore’s guidance in his Advanced Drawing Class. Focusing on each detail with every stroke of the brush, he tries to emphasize the intense facial expressions within his work. When asked about his main focus when creating murals, he responded, “I like to focus on creating works that highlight the expressions that one makes. Each stroke of the brush counts.” 

Continuing on his artistic journey, Elias has participated in more public art for charitable causes, such as painting damaged store shutters in poor neighborhoods. He wishes to bring life to run-down buildings — a means to leave his legacy. “Everything deserves a chance to be restored. I wish that my art can help.” By creating a specific voice in his art, Elias wishes to address serious issues in the world with his drawings of portraits. He finds that the canvas is the best way to express himself. Commenting on his passion for art, Elias said, “Paintings have given me a role in many communities, and I have been able to find my place through it. I have found myself through my brush.” 

Currently, Elias continues to improve upon his painting and drawing skills. He has left an impact within the Belmont Hill Community through his constant illustrations in The Panel and other works inside the art building. Though, he says, that his artistic style has much to improve upon, he looks forward to participating in Advanced Painting and Drawing in the spring and creating more of his masterful artwork in the world. 

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