Artist of the Issue: Andrew Kaneb ’17

Walking into the music building, you will often see familiar faces gracing its halls. Often seen in the music building, one of the most recognizable artists/musicians at Belmont Hill is Andrew Kaneb of the Sixth Form.

Kaneb has been a mainstay of the musical world at Belmont Hill for many years, and is, inspired by his favorite composer Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, known to be a demon fiddler on his violin. “People say I’m a demon fiddler, but to me, it’s all about my craft”, he said. His true devotion to the art of violin playing has earned him the position of vice-president of the Orchestra and co-president of the Belmont Hill Chamber Society, and he is also a frequent performer at Belmont Hill Coffee House events in solo acts and as part of the country band.

Andrew Kaneb ’17 plays music inside and outside of Belmont Hill’s campus.

Kaneb has played the violin for eleven years now, and studies under the tutelage of Joshua Peckins at the New England Conservatory Preparatory School in Boston. He is a member of the conservatory’s flagship youth orchestra, the Youth Philharmonic Orchestra (YPO), which will tour Norway in the summer of 2017. Last year, he played in NEC’s Youth Symphony and played in a concert at Symphony Hall. In addition to orchestral playing, he enjoys chamber music, having co-founded the Brandenburg Trio at Belmont Hill under the Chamber Society. He is also a member of radio show From the Top’s Center for the Development of Arts Leaders (CDAL), where he will participate in a musical residency teaching at the Conservatory Lab Charter School. These accomplishments make Kaneb a towering figure in the classical music world both at Belmont Hill and outside.As a senior, Andrew is looking to the future and hopes to pursue music at some level in college. “This is my last year here at Belmont Hill, so I really want to make it count for something and leave a good legacy at Belmont Hill”, Andrew told The Panel. With his talents, leadership abilities, and good work ethic, it is highly probable, even certain, that his wish will come true in the coming year.

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