Artist of the Issue: Owen Greenwood ’17

From the angelic, soulful riffs he often sings while traveling between classes, it is quite clear that Owen Greenwood has a love for music. However, one may not be able to tell that his artistic talents are much greater than what meets the eye. During any given X Block or 2:15 study hall, the likelihood of finding him hard at work in the ceramics studio are quite high. He is not satisfied by simply sculpting each masterpiece on the wheel. As the clay dries, he applies new techniques to make each of his works an eye-catching innovation. However, crafting pottery is far more than a mere hobby for the illustrious sixth former. While spending last year in Beijing, China, he delivered a speech in Mandarin explaining the greater impact that the art form has had on his life. “At the potter’s wheel, the clay taught me a valuable life lesson,” he explained. “I learned that in order to make something beautiful, one has to take risks. Although I have had mishaps and failures, I could always learn from every minute spent in the studio.” There is inspiration for every Belmont Hill student in Owen’s beautiful words.

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