Athlete of the Issue: Christian O’Neill ‘17

Christian O’Neill has been an undeniable asset to the Belmont Hill hockey program since his arrival. Nicknamed “Wheels O’Neill,” he is oftentimes the fastest skater on the ice. His ability to glide quickly across the rink provides a substantial advantage against opposing players. Once he has possession, O’Neill does not allow the other team to stop him. His premier stick skills and puck handling allow him to weave through defenders; as a result, O’Neill has racked up thirteen goals through just nineteen games. As a forward, O’Neill works in synchrony with other starters to create opportunities to score. In addition his exceptional skill, his hard play inspires his teammates; according to Joe Goguen ‘19, “(O’Neill’s) everyday work ethic is unparalleled. Despite being the captain of the team, O’Neill trains just as if he were fighting for a spot.” With this combination of both talent and determination, O’Neill will take his talents to Princeton University next fall.

O’Neill’s athletic achievements do not end on the ice. In the spring, he is also a major asset to the varsity lacrosse team. His raw speed, agility, and pure athletic talent have all factored into his success in this sport as well. Similar to his play on the rink, he passes defenders with ease en route to the net. He will continue to lead the hockey team through the winter season and will surely be an impact player on the lacrosse team this coming spring. Christian’s multifaceted skills and talents truly emulate the qualities of an outstanding athlete.

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