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Athlete of the Issue: Luke Khozozian


As this season comes to a close, the most recent of Belmont Hill’s long legacy of hockey talents departs the ice for the last time. Luke “Khozo” Khozozian has played hockey at BH since Form II, when he arrived on campus. He has been a varsity player since Form IV and, as a Senior, he captained the team. Luke led the team to a winning overall record and a win of the Belmont Hill – Nichols Tournament. Speaking of his favorite moments in his time at BH, he cites the 5-3 win over St. Sebastians this past January. Any fans who witnessed the celebrations, which featured players and fans alike meeting at the top of the glass, know why this stands out as a hallmark moment for Luke. Another standout moment for Khozo came as he scored versus Thayer to put BH in front, proceeded to complete his iconic bow-and-arrow celebration, and hear the fans chant his name. 

A former player himself, Luke’s dad passed on his passion for the game to his son at a young age. Playing since the age of 4 or 5, Khozo has shifted positions throughout his career. He began as a defender but at the age of 11, he transferred to forward and then solidified his role as a right winger. When asked of a reason for the sudden switch, Luke states, “Because you can’t contain an elite offensive talent on defense.” Luke’s experience and mental toughness has allowed him to record incredible numbers over his time as a Belmont Hill varsity player. He registered 40 goals and 39 assists in a total of 90 games.

Hockey has shaped Khozo’s Belmont Hill experience, as it has for many others. Arriving as a new student in Form II, playing hockey allowed him to adjust to the school much easier, finding friends and coaches through hockey. In Form III, Luke played a significant part in the 3rd Hockey team’s success, as they won two tournaments. As he advanced to the varsity level in Sophomore year, his role in the team began to form. Although starring in power plays and the like, Luke kept quiet in the locker room for the most part, contrary to his usual vocal self. He looked up to older players such as John Copeland ‘17, Duncan Grant ‘17, and Anthony Marinello ‘17. Seniors during his freshman year, they acted as role models for Luke, both on and off the ice. In Junior year, as Luke’s role began to cement and his actions had a greater impact on the team, his confidence grew as well, and he earned the team’s vote to name him as sole captain for his senior year. With graduation looming, and his time at BH coming to a close, Luke felt it was his responsibility to set the tone for younger players and keep the team going on the right track. In the locker room, Khozo’s influence and general demeanor also rose: “I’m not really a big speeches guy, but I get the boys hyped up when I need to.” He loved the role of captain, as well as the responsibility that came with it, saying that both the wins and losses mean that much more, something he had not previously experienced. “In the hockey team, we think of each other as family, and it’s been really special to play with the boys.”

While there’s still more competitive hockey in his future, as he decides his next step, Luke will undoubtedly take the lessons he learned with him. “It’s been an awesome experience. I’d like to thank the coaches, the boys, the Loop™, and all the fans for showing up. They made this season probably the best season of my life and I’m just grateful.” We wish the best of luck to Luke in his next hockey endeavour.


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