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Athlete of the Issue: Martin Wilson

Following the BH Basketball team’s incredible upset over Exeter on Wednesday, January 26, it is only fitting that The Panel should dedicate the Athlete of the Issue to celebrate one of the team’s most hardworking and accomplished athletes: Captain Martin Wilson. As a dedicated member of the varsity team since freshman year, Martin has experienced a wide variety of challenging seasons as a Belmont Hill Athlete: From playing with Covid-19 restrictions last year, to previous seasons where the team struggled, Martin and his team have finally gotten to experience some success this season. As Martin put it, “Now, seeing it all come together and seeing the team doing well makes me super happy.” 

This year has not been without its setbacks, however. As covid continues to impact athletics, numerous games have been either postponed or cancelled, and the team has had to play without some of its key members. While these complications have undoubtedly taken a heavy toll on the players’ psyche, Martin seems determined not to let unfortunate circumstances dictate the outcome of the season: “Now that all the distractions are out of the way, we’re just getting started.” 

To Martin’s credit, the team has performed exceptionally well this season: with an overall record of 6-3 and a victory over the reigning ISL champions, Martin’s team is poised for greatness, a fact of which Martin is well aware. When asked for his predictions for the upcoming season, Martin’s Answer was simple: “ISL Champions.”

Although the ultimate fate of the BH Team is uncertain at this point, Martin’s love for the sport extends beyond his experiences at Belmont Hill. Martin described some of his favorite memories as, “traveling across the country to play in different tournaments. (I) built memories that will last forever.”

Many of Martin’s future aspirations also lie with basketball. While Martin has his own personal goals to play in college, he also hopes to use basketball to help future generations: “In the long run, I want to help basketball be a part of changing younger kids’ lives.” No doubt, we’re all looking forward to Martin’s future in the sport of basketball.


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