B-flats’ Alternatives under Covid Protocols

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the school’s programs, including the B-flats, have dramatically changed to adapt to the new protocol. COVID-19 protocols forbid students from singing together in the same room, so Mr. Patterson had to find new ways to keep the group rolling. Currently, the B-flats are using an app called Acapella which allows the members to sing their parts separately and combine them later. This method enables them to produce a recording just as they would when singing together. But one downside is the struggle of maintaining proper rhythm; it has proven difficult to combine one person’s voice with others when recording alone. Although the B-flats singers have faced many challenges, their enthusiasm for singing has remained strong. In fact, they just had their first synchronous rehearsal in which all of them sang together through Zoom. Mr. Patterson has recently expressed his disappointment of not being able to participate in live sessions but also looks forward to a different and exciting year of a new learning experience.

The obstacles the B-flats encountered are certainly not unique; there are other programs like clubs and the school orchestra also affected by the new protocols. Participating in them requires strenuous effort and a flexible attitude. Ultimately, the actions taken to make sure that the B-flats, orchestra, and other clubs still meet serve as examples of finding alternatives in an unusual and bewildering time.

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