B-Flats Closes out Year with Performances at Commencement and More

The B-Flats spring season kicked off in spirited fashion with the Spring Concert, which was a great success and was followed by a performance for the whole school in the chapel. With several engagements on the books for late May, the B-Flats found themselves without many performances between the Spring Concert and the typical end of the year concert tour, so the group gladly accepted the invitation from the Alumni House to perform at Reunion Weekend. On May 16th, the Belmont Hill classes of 1990, 1965, and the Grands, which is comprised of alumni from the classes of 1960 and older, gathered for a reunion at their alma mater. The weekend was filled with activities, such as a tour from Dr. Melvoin of the new academic building and various sporting events, before the alumni sat down for cocktails and dinner.

Due to all of the activities going on outside of school, like sports games and the Upper School play, several of the B-Flats had prior engagements. A smaller group of B-Flats prepared a rendition of the classic “Up on the Roof” by The Drifters. The B- Flats started their “Reunion Weekend Tour” with the 50th Reunion class of 1965, who gathered in MacPherson for dinner. The group then moved progressively from venue to venue to entertain each of the returning groups. The next stop on the tour was the Grands, who enjoyed dinner in the library, and the energetic acappella piece “Up on the Roof” brought on cheers for an encore from the group of alumni. It isn’t often that the B- Flats hear the call for an encore, so the group was happy to oblige. The B-Flats then performed “Good Old Acappella,” a B-Flats classic that always brings the house down! The final stop of the night was the new Melvoin Academic Center for the 25th Reunion class performance.

After the successful whirlwind tour, Dr. Melvoin asked the B-Flats to close out the last Forum of the year with one last performance of “Up on The Roof.” They followed the Reunion tour with a performance for the Senior Mothers Luncheon on May 21st, where the group performed their endearing classic, “Sincerely,” originally by the McGuire Sisters. The 2014-2015 season comes to a close for the B-Flats after they participate at Prize Day, Baccalaureate, and Commencement.

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