Belmont Hill Celebrates the Arts with the Landau Gallery

As Belmont Hill celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, the importance and impact of the Arts at the school cannot be overlooked. The Landau Art Gallery, is a non-profit exhibitional gallery, situated in the Robsham Center for the Arts, which can display both student artwork and individual professional artwork. The school website states that “the primary function is to provide a good learning environment for our students by showing the best in current professional work in a top-quality setting on campus.” 

Previous exhibits at the gallery include: the photography of Caroline Kenney (Aug. 29 – Oct. 31), the fiber art and mixed media of Christina Marcantonio (Nov. 1 – Feb. 3), Belmont Hill’s 100 Years Celebration of the Arts (Jan. 3 – Feb. 3), the Semester 1 Student Art Show (Feb. 6 – Feb. 24), and the art of Rafael Rodriguez Montgomery ’24 (Feb. 27 – March 10), and the Art Educators Group Show with Ms. Worthington and Ms. Bradley (Mar. 27 – April 27). Currently, the Belmont Hill/Winsor Student Show is on display, until May 13. All exhibits represented in the Landau gallery are open for public viewing, and anyone may come and visit to look at the numerous pieces of art in the gallery.

Ms. Bradley stated that her favorite part of the gallery was “just being exposed to artwork during my regular day at work, since it’s literally right across from where I hang out all day.” Ms. Bradley noted that she remembers when she was younger, her father would bring her to school to see when there was a particularly interesting exhibit of painting or ceramics that he thought she would like. She also stated, “It’s cool that I don’t have to go out of my way to see whatever is being shown there. I also love when we have the student shows at the end of each semester, and seeing everyone’s hard work come together.” 

Additionally, since the Belmont Hill/Winsor show is part of this year’s exhibit schedule, Ms. Bradley was able to get in touch with her old art teacher from when she was at Windsor. “I’m looking forward to seeing the Winsor student work, just because it reminds me of when I was that age at Windsor, just starting to make drawings and paintings more seriously.” 

Ms. Bradley also said that it was a really cool opportunity for her to bring in her paintings and ceramic work for the previous show, to show her students and just get it out of the house for a while. She loves sharing her work with others so she appreciates being able to show the Belmont Hill community what she spends most of my time at home doing. 

Finally, she concluded, “I’d love for more students to take an interest in the gallery, and for there to be more info about what’s going on there, so they can stop by to see the exhibits even if they don’t usually go in the art building on a regular day.”

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