Belmont Hill Students Perform at Winter Concert

On Sunday, February 25th, the various musical groups of Belmont Hill performed a number of pieces that spanned a diverse range of musical genres, from classical orchestral pieces to modern pop songs. The concert began with the Belmont Hill Chamber Orchestra’s performance of Carillon from L’arlésienne Suite No. 1, a beautiful piece composed by Georges Bizet and arranged by Robert D. McCashin. Following a precise and emotive rendition, the orchestra performed a surprising arrangement of Led Zeppelin’s hit song, Kashmir, arranged by Tim McCarrick. With guest musician Thomas Cannistraro on the drums, the orchestral interpretation of this rock classic was both impressive and exhilarating. Soloists from Belmont Hill’s B-Flats took the stage next, with lan Hendrix as the first vocalist, After beautifully singing  Zach Bryan’s The Greatest Day of My Life, Ian was followed by an expressive performance of Hey There Delilah by Tom Higgenson, with Luke Travaglini as the vocalist and Alex White on guitar. Alex returned to the stage as the vocalist for Come Back to Earth by Mac Miller, and his soulful voice established a peaceful and introspective atmosphere. The Middle School Jazz Ensemble was up next with a lively rendition of Summertime, composed by George Gershwin and arranged by Roger Pemberton. With soloists Jake Ma on trumpet, Ryan Ho on alto saxophone, and James Palumbo on trumpet, the ensemble gave an exciting performance that had the audience tapping their feet. B-Flats Soloists returned to perform, with Declan Reilly singing Riptide by Vance Joy, accompanied by Leonardo Montoya on guitar. Reilly’s energetic singing and Montoya’s skillful guitar playing gave the song a unique touch. Montoya then took the stage again, this time as both the vocalist and guitarist, performing Snow by Zach Bryan; he was followed by Nick Ascione who delivered a captivating performance of Jack Johnson’s Upside Down. The Upper School Jazz Ensemble then performed an arrangement of Miles Davis’ Nardis, with Derrick Huang as the soloist on alto saxophone. It continued with The Commodores’ hit song Brick House, with soloists William Lloyd on tenor saxophone, Alex Zhang on alto saxophone, Cameron Connell on piano, and TJ Cannistraro on bass guitar; with the help of guest musicians Alexander Behn on trombone and Daniel Xie on alto saxophone, the Upper School Jazz Ensemble successfully gave energetic and funky performances. They were followed by the final group of B-Flats soloists; these performances were undoubtedly the highlight of the concert; Davi Ribeiro delivered a stunning performance of John Legend’s All of Me, and the audience rose to their feet for a standing ovation as soon as he sang his last notes. He was followed by another amazing performance of Zach Bryan’s Revival sung by David LoGrasso, and Will Kelly finished off with the Lumineers’ Leader of the Landside, which brought the audience to their feet once again. The concert ended with an impressive combined ensemble performance of Come Celebrate Belmont Hill. Members of the B-Flats, Orchestra, and Upper School Jazz Ensemble provided a fitting conclusion to a fantastic concert that showcased the immense talent of Belmont Hill’s students. Overall, the concert was a huge success, demonstrating the Performing Arts Department’s dedication to fostering musical excellence and creativity in its students. The audience left feeling energized and inspired by the impressive performances and musical diversity of the show. 


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