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Belmont Hill’s Favorite Lunch

With the return of sit down lunch this far, the coveted panini machines, salad bar, and hot bar have reappeared. While these commodities coming back have been a blessing, we cannot forget the wonderful main meals that come as part of the family style system. Nothing compares to the feeling of having a great lunch without waiting in line. The dining hall has introduced several new main lunches in addition to previous favors. Mac and cheese remains a constant favorite, while additions such as jerk chicken were very well received. The question remains, what is the best lunch at school? 

If that question was asked three years ago the most common answer would be General Tso chicken.  However, this year it is not so simple, we have had a multitude of General Tso level meals. In the most recent Food Committee survey, this very same question was asked. Unprecedentedly, answers varied widely. 

 Out of 147 responses around thirty said that either chicken fingers or orange chicken was their favorite, which is hard to argue with. Roughly fifteen said that mac and cheese or buffalo chicken mac and cheese was their favorite.  Around ten said that tacos were by far their favorite. Around ten said that jerk chicken was their favorite. Some other lunches that often showed up were little tony’s pizza, spaghetti and meatballs, and quesadillas. However, with 41% of the students eating the meat 1-2 times a week and 10% never eating the meat, it seems as though students are generally dissuaded from meals unless it is one of their favorite lunches. 

In contrast, students were also asked which meals they did not prefer which was overwhelming the pork dishes. However, overall, the students were happy with the lunches this year. The past few weeks have been extraordinarily better, and we are all excited for the next favorite lunch to come!

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