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Cant Hurt Me Book Review

David Goggins recalls his life in a short and sweet autobiography titled Can’t Hurt Me. Growing up in an underprivileged neighborhood, Goggins dealt with racism and experienced struggles in learning. He was behind his grade level academically, which resulted in him changing schools many times during his early education. However, he was never really able to find a place he could call home. 

After becoming overweight and depressed in his mid-twenties, Goggins decided that he needed to turn his life around. An upcoming Navy Seal trial served as his motivation, and Goggins dedicated his life to improving himself both physically and mentally. 

Goggins tried three times to pass the Navy’s evaluation, succeeding on his third try and earning his spot as a Navy Seal. The book goes on to detail his unbelievable feats and successes, some of which are entirely inconceivable by readers. Goggins describes the times he ran for twenty-four hours straight with no training, competed in one of the hardest Ironman races, and set the world record for most pull-ups in a day (4,030), a record that sadly does not still stand.

My main takeaway from Can’t Hurt Me wasn’t the grandeur of Goggins incredible achievements, but his unrelenting drive and determination; grit and overcoming obstacles remain central to every chapter of the novel. Goggins highlights that no matter what you endure in life, you can overcome anything. He was knocked down all throughout his childhood and early adulthood, but he was able to come out on top because of his perseverance. 

Goggins also focuses on how people don’t become successful overnight, and that it takes countless hours of practice to become truly great at something. He emphasizes that success requires being able to overcome immense adversity and that struggle is sometimes necessary for personal growth.

I would recommend this book to everyone. This novel changed my perspective about physical and mental strength; it made me realize there is always more in me, even when I think I have reached my limit.


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