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COVID Schedule vs. Current Schedule

In returning for the second year of masked learning, many aspects of pre-COVID Belmont Hill are coming back, such as regular chapels, Harkness discussions, and the coat and tie dress code. Arguably, the most important change for students this year, however, is the restoration of a more normal Belmont Hill class schedule. While opinions are mixed about the recovery of the three-day-five-class schedule, limited to only two long block days, it is my belief that the pros of the returning schedule outweigh the cons. Firstly, many students might complain that they are burdened with significantly more homework during the current schedule, as they are now subject to five classes of homework three days a week. Although it is indefensible that there is more homework this year, we also have substantially more time to get it done, with the return of X block, 2:15, and 4 o’clock. On top of this, students are now able to meet with their teachers during free blocks, as opposed to last year’s rules. Both of these factors make it easier and more efficient for students to get their work done during school. Secondly, I think that having long blocks two times a week is better than four. Although there is less homework due on a long block day, consistent long block classes can often make it more difficult to focus. With longer classes comes a heavier load of content in one extended period of time; thus, this plethora of information can make it difficult for students to focus and take in the material well enough to understand it. In short blocks, however, there is adequate time such that enough content can be taught, while not seeming excessive. In conclusion, because students have more time to do work during the school day and visit teachers, and also do not have the pressure of understanding too much material in one extended block four times a week, the current schedule is better.

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