Daniel Drucker ’23 Elected School President

Leading the school during Belmont Hill’s Centennial year will be recently elected president Daniel Drucker ’23. With so much experience in leading and serving others throughout his time at Belmont Hill, Daniel is well prepared to lead the entire study body in this historic year. 

Since the First Form, Drucker has been one of his class’s most distinguished leaders. Striving to make Belmont Hill an ever better school, Daniel has undertaken many initiatives to serve the community. When asked about his leadership and service experience at Belmont Hill, Daniel categorized them into four roles. Prior to his election as school president, Daniel served as his class’s vice president, working extensively in the Senate. Drucker is also a peer leader, a position he regards as “very special as it enables me to work with young students in the community and make an impact on their lives early in their Belmont Hill careers.” Drucker has been at the heart of two of Belmont Hill’s most significant community service projects: the Dove drive and Party with a Purpose. Daniel initiated the Dove drive in 2020-21 and led Party with a Purpose this year. 

Daniel attributes his passion for service to his family, noting that “my passion for community service stems from how I was raised and who my family is. I have grown up very fortunate, and it is my duty to give back to my community and make it a better place than I found it.” He recalls that, growing up, his parents encouraged and inspired him to take part in community service. Daniel fondly remembers the great impact and the joy he brought by delivering meals with his dad at the Hebrew Senior Center during the Jewish holidays at a young age. He also credits his grandmother as a big inspiration for his passion for community service. Drucker’s grandmother was an educator for her whole life and taught students with learning disabilities. She was a “dedicated and loving figure who wanted to leave the world a better place than she found it.” Drucker also found inspiration within Belmont Hill. The past student government presidents with whom Daniel worked in the Senate inspired him to“continue the strong tradition that school presidents carry.” He also thanks people like Mr. Bradley, Mrs. Hamilton, Mr. Butler, and Mr. Phinney for their lasting impacts on developing his leadership skills—“From academics to football to just being a good person, each one of these figures has helped make me who I am today.”  He concludes, “overall, Belmont Hill has provided me with all the necessary resources to make our community a better place and develop my skills as a leader which have ultimately helped me get to school president.”

Daniel has big visions for the rising senior class and the entire school. Looking to make the senior Commons and senior experience the best it can be, Drucker wants “our class’s senior year to be filled with life-lasting memories.” Daniel also hopes to continue the form’s effort in community service. He envisions a leadership day, during which “the school could partake in workshops and listening to speakers on how to be a good and lasting leader.” He also wishes to improve the food and create more opportunities for younger students to interact with older students. In his efforts to lead the school, Drucker hopes to “listen to everyone’s thoughts to make the school the best place it can be.”

Next school year will be a momentous year for Belmont Hill as the school will be celebrating its Centennial. When asked about the historic year, Daniel replied, “when someone talks to me about the Centennial at Belmont Hill, I instantly get chills.” Belmont Hill has always been integral to Drucker’s life—he remembers being on campus from a very young age (his dad graduated in 1990). He looks forward to celebrating Belmont Hill’s Centennial: “Thinking about our school’s rich and diverse history is like no other, and I cannot wait for all the celebrations that we have next year. Next year as the Centennial class, I hope our class only builds more history and contributes in a positive manner towards Belmont Hill.”

The school will be in good hands under the Centennial leadership of Daniel Drucker. The Panel congratulates Daniel for his recent election as school president and looks forward to the many great things he will accomplish next year!

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