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Fall 2022 Woodbury’s Speeches

The Fall Woodbury Public Speaking Contest kicked off as strong as ever with six stellar speeches in the semi-finals round. After passing through a preliminary, one-on-one round of presenting their speeches to Ms. Zener, six speakers each delivered a three to four-minute speech to the entire school in the Chapel.

On Monday, October 17, James Keefe ’25 began by delivering a speech discussing the merits of community service; he was then followed by Ezra Lee’s ’25 speech about loving yourself and Scott Black’s anecdote about finding a world series ring. Four days later, the second round of speeches began on Friday, October 21, with Will Marra’s ’23 skiing anecdote, followed by Nate Voss’ ’24 discussion of the importance of voting, and finally, a speech from Ben Anderson, a foreign exchange student from Bishops College in South Africa, about first impressions. Notably, Ben Anderson is a member of the South African national public speaking team and delivered his entire speech from memory! Ben’s captivating speech and impressive oratory earned him a standing ovation from the entire audience at The Chapel.

Though all participants delivered strong speeches, Nate Voss, Ben Anderson, and Will Marra advanced to the finals and will present a new set of speeches on Monday, November 14. The Panel wishes the finalists the best of luck and looks forward to hearing three more excellent speeches!


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