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Hockey Season Recap

The Belmont Hill hockey team has had a unique season so far, having limited scrimmages and requiring mandatory masks. However, the team has been able to make the best of the situation by developing their game with practices during the week. Although some aspects of the modified season have been difficult to adjust to, team member Tom Goguen ‘21 remarked how these changes have overall been positively received by the team: “I think we could all agree that the masks can be difficult to play in but rules are rules and when it comes to keeping each other and the coaches safe we are willing to buy-in for the greater good of the season.” 

The weekly practices are where most of the work goes on for the team, preparing the players for whatever scrimmages they can schedule with other schools who are willing to participate. One new experience that has come as a result of COVID-19 and which is new for some of the players is the new back-to-back game days. These back-to-back games have been a new part of the season that has forced the boys to stay prepared and ready to play at all times. Overall, despite its modifications, Goguen expressed his feeling that this experience has benefited the team: “We have come a long way through this winter not only on the ice but socially as we welcomed younger guys to the team and adapted to restrictions along the way. But we overcame these obstacles and were able to focus on what we need to work on one day at a time.” Expressing this excitement for the future, Goguen remarked: “I’m looking forward to this final stretch of the winter, and to see the hard work we have put in to pay off.”


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