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Instagram’s Newest Artistic Duo

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Instagram has grown exponentially over the last seven years. The social media platform started from zero in 2010 and by 2012 it was valued at $1 billion by Mark Zuckerberg. Today, the company is worth over $50 billion. Instagram has become a major way to share pictures and videos with friends across the internet. The app has become a hub for social gathering, where people can log on to see friend’s photos and take a peek into their lives. In addition, Instagram has become a great platform for artists, as they can portray their portfolios across the web. Many famous photographers and videographers have turned to Instagram to increase their following and show the world their ability.

Two students at Belmont Hill have found their passions in the realm of Instagram art. Chris Kingston and Jonny Folsom have each found different pockets of Instagram stardom and continue to “wow” on the platform.

Jonny Folsom was gifted a Canon camera and a GoPro a few years ago and has been making stunning content ever since. He has found a passion in low exposure photography and continues to impress his followers. His remarkable pictures are quite amazing for his limited experience.

Last spring, Chris Kingston was loaned a videography drone by his parents to take real estate video for upscale housing. Despite his beginnings with real estate companies, he has also utilized the drone to facilitate a different form of artistry. Many have called him an editing pro; he uses impressive technology in the Adobe Creative Cloud to manipulate video with the help of peer and good friend Folsom.

Over the last year, Jonny and Chris have become close friends thanks to their artistic collaboration. After posting new material, they are often bombarded with questions from their baffled classmates. Kingston cherishes the experience. He said, “I think it has been really cool to find a passion outside of school and sports. My parents are amazed by my ability to edit photos and videos and change them in the ways that I want. I am very glad for the friends I have found along the way. Jonny and I really became closer through our photography passion, and I really look forward to pushing the limits with him in the future.”

To check out their work, follow the duo on Instagram:

Kingston: @jc_kingston

Folsom: @jonnyfolsom

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