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Interview with the Loop Leaders

While the current winter season Loop has been hindered by cancellations and covid limitations, when it is able to meet, it is as strong as ever. Led by Commander Mike Ahonen and Colonel Sebastian Constantini, the Loop has supported the Varsity Basketball and Hockey teams in their matches against ISL rivals. So far, each time I’ve been, the rink has been packed and the court has been extremely loud, that I can’t even hear myself think. This year, a Jersey theme made its appearance, and a ski theme was set in place but sadly, no spectators were allowed.

Mike Ahonen, former football captain, and soon-to-be track captain, is the current leader of the loop. As a player, he appreciated the Loop’s support, and now, as a leader, he sees the strong connection between both groups: “I think the two go hand in hand and the team plays better once the loop gets hyped up.” As a leader, he recognizes the opportunity he has to lead and enjoys cheering on the boys. He recalled his favorite moment during the basketball-hockey doubleheader when the basketball team was able to defeat Nobles and the whole Loop stormed the court.

Unfortunately, due to the resurgence of COVID, the Loop has not been able to make as much of a difference. Everyone is frustrated by the limited capacity, especially for big games like Sebs. While it may be hard to get together, it makes it that much more important for everyone to show up when we can. As for the future, Mike continued to vouch for, “the ski theme, and I definitely plan on doing that for a hockey game. I also like potential neon or tie-dye themes, but you’ll have to wait for them to come out the Tuesday before the games.” 

While limited capacity may be frustrating now, hopefully soon we can all be in the rink and the gym cheering on our varsity teams. In the meantime, our support will be in the form of watching live streams from our computers until we can get back to normal. 


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