Is Belmont Hill Returning Too Much to its Original Ties

The question presented is if Belmont hill is returning back to its original ties and traditions too much.  We believe the short answer is no.  To expand further, as many of you know, due to Covid-19 and the challenges we faced as a community during those times, Belmont Hill was changed in various different ways.  First and foremost, one big difference between the doriginal Belmont Hill and the covid Belmont Hill is the dress code.

We believe that the dress code at Belmont hill plays an imperative role in the completion of our school’s mission.  Belmont Hill’s goal is for us to become men of character and for us to show kindness, compassion, and a sense of brotherhood, while also teaching us to be professional individuals which have the skills to succeed in the future.  So although wearing sweatpants every day may be more comfortable, being in our formal dress code ultimately teaches us valuable lessons.

Another change made in the transition from the Covid year to a more traditional year is the class schedule.  The change in class schedule is also imperative in the role of helping us become successful.  As we all know, 3 classes a day is much easier than a more traditional all classes 3 days a week.  We believe that many of us, if not all of us, came to Belmont Hill for the purpose of becoming well-educated students, so we believe that all of us should have come in knowing and expecting Belmont Hill’s fast-paced schedule.  For Belmont Hill to educate us to their fullest ability, going back to the all classes meet schedule was necessary.  Although it is more fast-paced, going back to a more traditional schedule will ultimately benefit the students and our community as a whole.

To conclude, we strongly believe that Belmont Hill is not returning too much to its original ties.  We believe that the Covid-19 school year was a year that was different from the norm, and ultimately it was less productive in developing our morals and our minds.  We believe that going back to the normal state of Belmont Hill will, in the end, benefit us and Belmont Hill as a whole.

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