Joint Playlist of the Issue: March 2021

A mainstay of the monthly Panel issues, the playlist of the issue features song picks from two of our staff members, Kailen Richards ’22 and Luke Wagner ’22. For the joint issue with the Winsor Banner, they will be joined by Gigi and Izzy. Find a link to the Spotify playlist here.

Gigi’s Picks:

Wasting Time – Day Wave

Feel like wasting time or procrastinating on that English paper? Come and take that well-deserved break and listen to this sublime song. A warmth in this chill, early spring weather, “Wasting Time” is a gorgeous, nostalgic, and bittersweet track of blazing afternoon heat waves and cool summer nights. Day Wave’s uniquely slow yet fast-paced rhythm captures the vibrant, vanishing moments of an idyllic getaway or a distant memory. If you like this song, I would highly recommend checking out “Drag” and “Promises” by the same artist!

Band on the Run – Wings

“Band On The Run” is one of my all-time favorites. It’s on my “favorites of favorites” playlist. With a catchy tune, ever-changing melody, and effervescent instrumentals, you will definitely want to listen until the end. The second half of the song is truly delightful,  emanating a certain quality of timeless adventure. Though a short-lived band, Paul McCartney and the Wings created some cracking songs. 

Izzy’s Picks:

Small Talk – Bristol Maroney

From the very beginning of this song, Briston Maroney sweeps you up in a whirlwind of nostalgia and plunges you into the depths of late summertime. The light strumming of his guitar gives the intro a raw edge and animates the track with the feeling of being wide awake. As the song erupts into a disarray of chords, the dissonance ends up creating a vibrant sense of restlessness. This song is the perfect mix of harsh and sentimental, rough and lively, brash and tender.

Sour Grapes – John the Ghost

Did a little bit of digging around in last year’s March playlist to find this song. “Sour Grapes” tastes just like its name suggests, as the vocals color the track with the taste of something sweet turned into regret. This song slips over you in the way that the warm rain washes over everything as the harsh cold of the winter turns into the easy warmth of the spring.

Kailen’s Picks:

40oz. to Freedom – Sublime

I ventured down to my basement and found my dad’s collection of CDs. After rummaging through the bin, I found three Sublime albums. For a while, when he used to drive me to school, he would play them nonstop. “40oz. To Freedom” is a great song, but not even my favorite on the album. 

Sarah – Alex G

Alex G’s “Sarah” reminds me of the dark winter drives back and forth from school. Those drives are sad but freeing, and I think Alex G captures this dark winter feeling in his music perfectly.

Luke’s Picks:

Scream Drive Faster – LAUREL

Spring symbolizes new beginnings—a transition from the gloom of winter. As I start to roll the car windows down and let the fresh air touch my skin again, I am reminded of songs like “Scream Drive Faster.” The song is structurally simple and plays on a mellow, chill 80’s vibe. LAUREL’s voice has a relaxing effect layered over simple drums and guitar and explores the spontaneity of the spring and summertime.

Colorado – Kota the Friend

With the spring comes warmer weather, longer days, and flowers blossoming all over. Sometimes transitioning into easier times can be accompanied by calmer and more relaxed vibes. A slow and melodic song, Kota the Friend’s  “Colorado” captures what it means to calm down and ignore all the background noise. “Colorado” makes me want to walk outside, play some pickup, and soak up the sunshine after many long, hard winter days.



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