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Jon Rahm Wins The Masters

The Master’s Tournament has run since 1934, and it is a valued, long-standing tradition within the golf community and the world as a whole. Golfers from all across the globe compete in this competition not just for the monetary incentive but for the everlasting pride and honor achieved through winning. 

This year saw Spanish golfer Jon Rahm win the tournament with a score of -12. This was Jon Rahm’s seventh year of competing in the master’s tournament. Rahm has been a competitive member of previous Masters, and although he has been unable to overcome steep competition in the past, Rahm was finally able to seal the deal and collect his second Majors tournament win. Jon Rahm joins a long list of historic golfers to dawn the Green Coat and win the masters, including Arnold Palmer, Tiger Woods and the esteemed Jack Nicklaus.

This year’s Masters was marked by more than just the success of Jon Rahm. The weather was a point of emphasis this week, as the third round of the tournament was suspended due to the weather at Augusta National. In addition to the suspension, multiple trees fell during the tournament, blocking the course and nearly hitting a crowd of spectators. Luckily those under the trees were able to move out of the way and no one was hurt. This was also the first time that the newly founded LIV tournament had its golfers compete in the Masters. The LIV Tour gained popularity last year as many PGA golfers left in order to sign lucrative contracts with the LIV Tour. One such player was Brooks Koepka, who held a strong lead for most of the tournament before Rahm overtook him on the final day. Koepka signed a contract with LIV last year with a signing bonus of 100 million. 

Arguably the most surprising player in this year’s tournament was Phil Mickelson who shot a 65 despite being fifty-two years old. Mickelson has not been playing particularly well since joining the LIV tour but his performance at this year’s Masters was a vintage one. A three-time Masters winner, Mickelson is clearly still comfortable playing at Augusta National his performance was a surprise to many.

This year’s master’s was undoubtedly an exciting one and left little to be desired. Hopefully, more tournaments like this are to come for the PGA.

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