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JVB Update

While the talk of the hill is varsity soccer’s tragic 2-0 loss against Rivers, a more relevant, more fortunate outcome was the JVB win over Roxbury Latin. Belmont Hill dominated over RL in a match filled with blood, sweat, and tears. During the game, pure athletes Jack Luehrman ’24 and Ben Glick cruised up the wing, leading to two jaw-dropping assists to Chris Egan ’22, who scored the only two goals of the game. This win brought up the spirits of the JVB squad, who now have hopes to triumph over Winchendon in the last game of the season led by their brilliant coach, Mr. Shen, and the new Assistant Coach Davis. 

While some would say Winchendon is in the “middle of nowhere” or in “the woods,” the game against the Winchendon School marks the culmination of JVB’s season. Winchendon is a small school in western Massachusetts. Due to the school’s size, Belmont Hill’s JVB team will be playing the Winchendon school’s varsity; however, they are not scared. The morale of the Belmont Hill JVB team is higher than ever after the triumph over RL, and they hope to have the Loop at the last game of the season. Tommy Madden, make it happen.

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