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Landau Gallery



Each year, the Landau Gallery displays the creations of students, alumni, and even professional artists. The latest installation highlights the work of Abigail Kaplan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kaplan. Her collection, entitled “Hooves, Paws, and Claws,” is an array of watercolor paintings of Abigail’s and her friends’ pets. 

Art has always been significant to Abigail. She started painting when she was three years old, and, throughout her life, she “always thought of art as an outlet.” She stated, “It’s a very consistent part of my life, and painting is extremely therapeutic for me.” At 15, Abigail started painting her family’s and friends’ pets. Her lifelong love of pets largely drove her artistic visions. Her inspiration has always come from her love of animals, specifically, dogs, cats, and horses.

As a college student, Abigail began taking art more seriously. She started working on her painting business and found a regular clientele in the process; her paintings in the gallery accurately represent the kind of work for which she is commissioned. When asked about her favorite piece, Abigail replied that, while she is proud of all her work, “My favorite piece would be Petunia! I am biased since she is one of my horses!”

          Abigail’s contribution to the Landau Gallery furthers Belmont Hill’s celebration of the creativity of its students and the artists in our community. Her work demonstrates her immense skill, and she serves as an example of a successful painter for the school’s aspiring artists. The community is incredibly grateful for her installation and The Panel wishes her the best in her future artistic endeavors.


“I love printmaking and silkscreen but don’t practice it myself. I prefer to work in watercolor, which is the medium you will see in the show!”


Abigail owes much of her success to art saying, “Art has allowed me to have a business and always find some neutral ground.”

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