Mr. Molloy Joins BH in New Safety Initiative

If you have driven into the main entrance of Belmont Hill this year, you were probably greeted by the jovial smiling face of Mr. Molloy. Prior to his arrival at Belmont Hill, Mr. Molloy graduated from the Massachusetts D.O.C. 82nd basic training academy, worked as a supervisor for campus safety at Pine Manor College in Brookline, and was the recipient of the MSPCA’s 1990 Human Hero of the Year Award. Mr. Molloy has approached every day since then with enthusiasm and optimism that brightens the lives of all those given the pleasure of passing him in the morning. Before understanding Mr. Molloy’s responsibilities at BH, including greeting cars in the morning and checking for parking passes, one must first understand the newly-instituted approach to campus security.

While the initial approach to campus security may be to deny public access to the school’s campus entirely, it is important to consider that Belmont Hill serves as an excellent resource to the Belmont community: it has well-maintained athletic fields and direct access to the Audubon habitat. In the past, Belmont Hill has graciously allowed members of the Belmont community to use the fields and entrance to the habitat, and before the Covid-19 pandemic, the public had unrestricted access to the campus. This system allowed anybody to be on campus at any time and for any reason. Belmont Hill has created the aforementioned security initiative as a compromise that allows the public to utilize the school campus under the following conditions:

  1. Public access to academic and residential buildings is prohibited.
  2. Public access to the track and field facilities while in use by students is prohibited.
  3. On-campus public parking from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. is prohibited.
  4. Dogs must be leashed at all times. 

The bulk of Mr. Molloy’s responsibilities lie in enforcing these conditions. To do so, Mr. Molloy has employed a method which he referred to as “passive enforcement;” rather than “actively” enforcing the rules he focuses on the education of the Belmont community about the school’s new policies.

These new security initiatives are an enormous step towards ensuring the protection and wellbeing of all members of the Belmont Hill community. Hopefully, knowledge of Mr. Molloy’s efforts to maintain security at Belmont Hill has reaffirmed your sense of safety while on campus. 

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