NFL Players Involved in High-Speed Crash

On March 30, Kansas City Chiefs breakout rookie-year receiver Rashee Rice and SMU defensive back Teddy Knox were involved in a high-speed crash on a Dallas freeway that led to the injuries of at least four people. Rice and Knox were driving 119 and 116 mph, respectively, before the crash. Rashee Rice was charged with eight different felonies, including aggravated assault, one count of collision involving serious injury, and six counts of collision involving injury. The crash report said that the occupants of the four other vehicles ranged from age 3 to 54. After the incident, both Rice and Knox fled the wreck site on foot. Authorities gave them 24 hours to turn themselves in, to which they complied. Rice received a $40,000 bail requirement that he paid.

This leaves people wondering what will happen with Rice’s NFL career, especially as the number one receiver on the reigning Super Bowl champions as a rookie. He was instrumental in the Chiefs’ playoff success, recording back-to-back 125-yard receiving yard games in the first 2 rounds. Will Hennigar ’26 gave his perspective on the incident, “It’s unfortunate that this accident happened, given Rashee Rice’s key role in winning the Chief’s Super Bowl last season. Hopefully, this incident doesn’t make a stain on his promising career.” A previous incident involving similar circumstances was when Jalen Carter was drag racing before the NFL draft and the person he was racing against ended up killing someone. He ended up getting drafted a couple of months later in the top 10, but the incident caused him to go from being a consensus top 5 pick to falling to the 9th pick.

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