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Nordic Ski Team Finds Its Stride

Despite the unusually warm weather in Belmont, the Nordic Ski team has been vying for success in recent Lakes Region races, facing tough field of competition from schools as far as New Hampshire and Vermont. Without the advantage of fresh snow at the Weston Ski Track, Belmont Hill skiers and coaches have salvaged the season with a productive stay at the Jackson Ski Center, where technique-focused practices and weekly strength workouts with the Stella trainers have been performed. Undeterred by the absence of snow during practices, long bus rides to races, ski-waxing sessions, and entertaining team dinners have fostered a team camaraderie that has become uniquely rewarding for each skier. Fueled by intra-squad competition and personal ambitions to succeed at races, the Belmont Hill Ski team has also progressed through Lakes-Region rankings, rivaling schools such as Phillips Andover, Vermont Academy, and St. Paul’s. A recent fourth place (out of 12 official school teams) finish at a Lakes-Region skate-style race at the Holderness School, a possible inflection point for the team, featured breakout performances by Belmont Hill skiers Charlie Donahue ’19, Quin McGaugh ’18, Ben Pradko ’18, and Aidan McGaugh ’21. Much promise has been shown for future races this season and for years to come.

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