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Playlist of the Issue

Luke Wagner’s Picks:

  • It Ain’t Hard to Tell – Nas

My favorite song off of Nas’ best album and maybe the best rap album of all time. This is a great song to get started with if you are new to rap.

  •  U Don’t Know – Jay-Z

Great beat, great vocals, and great storytelling in this song from Jay-Z’s Blueprint, which is my favorite of his albums.

  • Potholderz (ft. Count Bass D) – MF DOOM

MF DOOM, who recently passed, has some classic albums from the 2000s, and this is my favorite off his 2004 album Mm..Food. The feature is also a great addition. 

  • Can I Kick It – A Tribe Called Quest

I know, this song is basic. But it’s great and gets me boppin’ my head every time I listen to it. If you haven’t heard of this song, it’s a must-listen.

  • Duel of the Iron Mic –  GZA

Great flow to this song. It does start off a little slow, but I really like the sample at the start. 

Kailen’s Picks:

  • She – Green Day

When I was little my dad gave me a MP3 player and one of the only albums on it was Green Day’s (best) album Dookie. It’s hard to choose, but “She” is my favorite song off the album. 

  • Duvet – bôa

I have no idea when I first heard this song but it’s a banger. It’s definitely an odd song but I love it. 

  • Rhinestone Cowboy – MF DOOM 

MF DOOM passed away last October. His songs are filled to the brim with complicated rhymes, and this is my favorite song off of one of his best albums. 

  • Tommy’s Party – Peach Pit

Peach Pit has this super chill vibe to their music, they are the type of band where I can just play a random song and my mood will automatically be improved. Also, their guitarist has a cool mustache.  

  • Ocean Avenue – Yellowcard

This is a super corny 90’s punk rock song, but it’s catchy. This is the title track of their 2003 album which contains some other great songs.




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