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Playlist of the Issue: May 2021

The Playlist of the Issue, since its inception five years ago, has featured song choices from Panel staff members. Two authors each pick five songs that they believe deserve recognition. This year’s authors are Daniel Rashes ’22 and Alex Sousa ’22.

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Alex’s Picks:

“Run Through the Jungle” – Creedence Clearwater Revival: I chose this song because it sounds good. It gets me hyped, that’s for sure. A lot of people think it’s about the Vietnam War, but it isn’t. It’s about how there’s not enough gun regulation in the United States.

“When the Levee Breaks” – Led Zeppelin: Although this song is really long, it doesn’t get old, even when you’re 20 minutes deep. (It’s only seven minutes) This song is a good indicator of whether or not you’ll like the rest of their music, so give it a listen if you’re interested.

“My Sweet Lord” – George Harrison: Some say this song cures cancer (Note: it does not). Although the lyrics lack creativity, the song’s simplicity is what gives it its healing abilities. Harrison’s guitar skills are unmatched; some might even say he’s the best Beatle. (Editor’s note: they do not)

“I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” – The Beatles: It’s very different from a standard Beatles song. It’s long, but there are only about six words throughout the whole thing. It doesn’t matter because it’s the instrumentals that make the song. When I first heard it, it was surprising that it came from the same people that made Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da.

“Time” – Pink Floyd: This song is so good. The unorthodox intro effectively builds tension, leading up to the first words spoken three minutes in. It’s about the decay of time, which I can’t really relate to, but it sounds nice. I’m sure it’ll only get better with time.

Daniel’s Picks:

“Holiday” – Lil Nas X: Lil Nas X proves he’s more than the “‘Old Town Road’ guy” with this one. It’s not the most artful song, but it’s so good I’ve kept it playing long past the holiday season. As someone who isn’t easily impressed by rap, I find this song the perfect mix of clever and catchy.

“Champagne Supernova” – Oasis: I’m a big fan of 90s alternative rock, and this song is just one of the best. With a good pair of headphones, it’s absolutely immersive: it makes me think more songs should open with the sound of waves. It’s long and a little repetitive, but it’s hypnotic.

“Twilight Time” – The Platters: Songs like this are a lost art. There’s nothing like a bunch of people with velvety voices singing some romantic yet classy lyrics. It’s not all that thought-provoking and there’s no hidden meaning but it’s warm, joyous, and easy to listen to.

“The Mandalorian” – Ludwig Göransson: It may be unconventional to put scores on here, but this is honestly something I listen to extremely frequently. It’s an absolute bump. From the weird flutes that open the song to the more traditional orchestral beats, it’s just fun to listen to every time. It’s one of the most unique scores I’ve ever heard.

“Feeling Whitney” – Post Malone: I get made fun of a lot for my unwavering love of Post Malone. But you know what? I don’t care. This guy is talented, and this song shows his range. It’s not the pop/hip-hop/R&B that he usually does. Even though I do like his other stuff, “Feeling Whitney” has a real raw quality to it as opposed to his very heavily produced radio hits.

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