Playlist of the Issue: September 2021

Since its first appearance in The Panel almost four years ago, “The Playlist of the Issue” has become a customary article for the publication. Not only does it provide a great opportunity for Panel staffers to write about their favorite songs, but it also exposes Belmont Hill students to new music genres. For those reading The Panel for the first time, “The Playlist of the Issue” features two authors who each pick five songs which they feel deserve recognition and write about them. Luke Wagner ’22 and Kailen Richards ’22 have taken on the job. Find the playlist here.

Luke Wagner’s picks:

“My favorite song off the first vinyl I bought, this song, with a sad story to it, has awesome beats and can introduce you to Led Zeppelin, arguably the best band of all time.”

“It’s really hard to pick just one song off of this album, but “A Day in the Life” is the epitome of the Beatles’ psychedelic musical stylings.”

“One of my favorite Black Sabbath songs, that is not really Metal, but listed as so—a smooth introduction between Rock and Metal music.”

“One of the first rock songs I ever listened to and one of Hendrix’s best albums. If you like this song, listen to “Little Wing” next.”

The vocals on this track are amazing, and it’s a great song for any drive in the morning or afternoon.”

Kailen Richards’s Picks:

“Like many of their other songs, the lead singer of the band will take words from other languages to make completely indecipherable lyrics.”

“It’s hard to describe why I love this song. Honestly, it sounds like they recorded a blender and recorded the vocals about ten centimeters away. Yet, the album “Loveless” could quite possibly be my most listened-to album this year.”

“This song has a lot of emotional weight. It builds into this beautiful ending where you can feel the emotion built behind the song. You may not feel it, but I’d still recommend this track to anyone. “

“This is probably my favorite song by Radiohead. It is off the album “In Rainbows” which is an amazing record. Also check out, “OK Computer,” it’s their best album.”

“Mac Demarco’s music brings groovy vibes all around, not much more I can say.”

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