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Sailing Update

Varsity sailing is off to a great start this year! While the number of regattas has significantly been reduced due to COVID-19, the team was still able to race against Tabor Academy. It was a great first race, full of energy and enthusiasm from both teams. While Belmont Hill did not bring home the trophy, they all had a fun time sailing down in Marion. So far, practices have been held on Mystic Lake, and the team has spent a great deal of time working on the technical aspects of sailboat racing such as sail trim, boat positioning, starts, high wind strategy, and much more. The younger competitors, Michael Furey ’25 and Panos Gianoukos ’26, have seen considerable improvements in their boat handling abilities. Abe Tolkoff ’21, the team’s only Sixth Former, has also done a great job mentoring the younger kids and being a solid skipper. Alex Lo ’23 and Quinn Healey ’23 have proven to be quite successful at mounting boat speed and roll tacking. Dietrich Jacobs ’22 and Michael Salvatore ’22 always know how to keep the team laughing and upbeat. Coaches Kevin Dooley and Fiona Ahearne have worked tirelessly to ensure that the entire team is prepared for the competitions or practices that lie ahead. From the smooth bay sailing of the Cape to the brutal Maine chop, you can count on the devoted coaches to walk the sailors through the game plan. Season highlights to date include, but are not limited to: Dietrich heroically saving skied halyards, Dietrich and Alex running aground, geese laying several eggs on our boats, Michael Salvatore falling in the water while being attacked by a goose, and lastly, Quinn and Panos running aground before capsizing.

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