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Sports Cards

Over quarantine, the sports card hobby resurged to the heights it had many years ago when collecting sports cards was a popular pastime. I first got into sports cards when I was an avid baseball fan at the age of 8. I had every player’s cards, everyone’s rookies, and I loved collecting binders of all the players. As I grew older, I grew out of the hobby and did not enter back into it until this year when I saw Gary V. videos about collecting cards and found myself bored out of my mind while locked in my house. 

Ever since I got back into my hobby, its value has exploded, with many cards increasing over ten times in price. This year, some recent record sales have been a Luka Doncic Logoman RPA sold for $4.6 million, and a Lebron James Exquisite RPA sold for $5.2 million. Sports cards have grown immensely in popularity, and with the introduction of new collectors and new money, it continues to expand to this day. The cards’ future depends on the performances of current athletes and the popularity of the sports which the athletes play. I, along with many other investors and collectors, continue to follow the waves of sports cards’ popularity; we are all excited to see what the future of collecting sports cards holds.

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