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Squash Update: February 2021

Belmont Hill’s squash team has been lucky enough to be able to take advantage of the seven courts located in the Jordan Athletic Center. While this season looks much different from normal years due to the COVID restrictions put on the coaches and players, there is hope that the team will get to use their skill in interscholastic competitions. 

So far, the team led by Douglas Conigliaro and Sam Freed have only been practicing amongst themselves, hopeful that opportunities for competition will open up soon, giving the chance for Belmont Hill to establish themselves as a formidable opponent. This year has forced the team to adapt to the new restrictions quickly, which they are doing well, allowing for more practices and quality playing time. Masks are required at all times and there is a limit of two people per court, making it difficult to run certain types of drills. 

The team has had to adapt to a partner system where each player is assigned to another player for the duration of the practice in hopes to minimize the exposure that each player is subject to. The squad currently has lots of younger athletes who have displayed high levels of play all year and are looking to improve and get a chance at competitive matches at some point in the future. 

At this time, the team is focusing on their practicing while they wait to see what the future holds in terms of potential matches. As everyone holds their breath in anticipation of the future, the Belmont Hill Squash team is working hard and preparing to have a great season ahead of them.

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