Colbert and Gallo Launch Soccer Podcast

As their final year on the Hill began, current upperclassmen Gavin Colbert ‘18 and Nick Gallo ‘18 brought a creative and new project to the Belmont Hill community. Each and every week, Colbert and Gallo air a Soundcloud-based podcast detailing the newest developments in the soccer world.

They each believe the podcast was born of their mutual love for, and constant conversations about, soccer. The two soccer fanatics create and record the weekly podcast from the serenity of Belmont Hill’s library lab. After recording the dialogue, the two turn to the ever-reliable iMovie for editing duty. Once uploaded, their podcast is open for public enjoyment. Although the podcast covers all realms of professional soccer, the two specialize in discussing the English Premier League (home of Chelsea, a favorite for Colbert), the Champions League, and World Cup qualifiers.       

Interestingly enough, the duo has made a habit of inviting Belmont Hill faculty into the podcast as feature guests. Some of these teachers / coaches turned soccer analysts include Señor Harder, Mr. Schneider, and Señor Steffey. Maybe now our admissions team can begin advocating for the school’s teacher-coach-podcast cameo dynamic? Typical questions for these guests of honor largely surround English Premier League predictions, go-to goal celebration, and favorite squads. Even in the absence of special guests, the two like to maintain a lighthearted, jovial demeanor on the job.

As their senior year progresses, and their time on the Hill thus draws to a close, Colbert and Gallo find themselves faced with a question of increasing importance: what to do with “Stoppage Time.” The duo hopes that their podcast, quintessential Belmont Hill ambition, can be successfully passed down to several of the many underclassmen who are equally passionate about the sport.

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