Student Art Astounds Visitors of the Landau Gallery

As the first semester of the 2019-2020 school year came to a close, once again the Landau Gallery was filled with the Student Art Show. Reflective of the hard work and imaginative ideas from a whole semester’s work, this year’s artwork of all different colors, styles, and mediums spectacularly filled all corners of the gallery. Though every year this display of artwork is creative and provocative, this year’s variety did not disappoint.

At the beginning of the gallery, wooden toboggans from the 9th Grade Conceptual Physics class lined the entrance of the building. Each mathematically precise, the way in which every toboggan was constructed, designed not only for style but also for its practical application, was seamless and creative. In ceramics, creative plates, teapots, hats, and more lined the walls of the gallery. Ranging from bark-themed cups to wavy hats, each piece looked fluid and real. Meanwhile, the woodworking in the center of the gallery was particularly impressive. Functional tables ranging in size and style along with precise boxes showed astute creativity and care. Finally, the work in photography, depicting both ordinary and unusual aspects and views on everyday life highlighted the back wall of the gallery and the creative projects of digital video provided entertainment for all audiences.

In all, the student art show was once again a great success. Those who were able to attend enjoyed a vast variety of interesting pieces from all mediums. As some of the best artwork produced by Belmont Hill students in recent memory, this semester’s Student Art Show has inspired many individuals for their future artwork and has set the bar high for all future artists.

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