Varsity Alpine Skiing Starts 2015 Season on Dry Land

Despite the lack of snow so far this year, Belmont Hill’s alpine skiing team looks forward to another great season of racing on the slopes of Nashoba Valley. While the losses of Dan Remondi (Class of 2015) and Bobby Jahrling (Class of 2017) do represent holes that need to be filled, the team, led by captains Harrison Rohrer (Class of 2016) and Will Cannistraro (Class of 2016), again looks to be in the hunt for the ISL and NEPSAC Class A titles. As Captain Rohrer noted about the team’s ISL chances and competition, “Middlesex looks very strong this year, Nobles maybe too, but hopefully we can give them a good run, perhaps even chase them down for the ISL title this year. We have a lot of younger middle school skiers joining the team this year, and hopefully they can meaningfully contribute.”

So far though, the team has engaged in rigorous dry land training since the start of the winter season. As Coach Trautz has repeatedly noted over the years, “There may be teams better than us, but there won’t be any teams more fit than us.”

Nevertheless, the team is eagerly anticipating the onset of the coming season, especially its upcoming Zippy Funball scrimmage against the Nordic team, through its month of dryland training in December. As the team’s manager noted, “While dry land training is great and all, I think that everyone really just wants to start racing and see what this team is truly made of.” Hopefully, the team’s effort in December will lift them to another ISL title come February.

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