The BH Squash Team Does It Again (February 2017)

Both the Varsity and JV squash teams are currently undefeated in both ISL and non-league play. The varsity stands with an impressive 7-0 record after having just won their ninth straight ISL championship, while the JV holds a similarly notable 6-0 record, having only dropped one individual match all season. The Varsity’s most impressive wins so far have come against league rivals St. Georges (5-2) and Nobles (4-3). Against Nobles, BH’s biggest challenger in the ISL, the team showed true determination and a fierce competitive spirit. Coming out of the first round of play, Belmont Hill took a commanding 3-0 lead as Jack Bell, Alex Kurtin, and Douglas Conigliaro all secured wins at positions 2, 4, and 6 respectively; however, during the second round matches, James Bell, John Paul Champa, and Robert Williamson, at positions 1,3, and 5, fell to their Nobles competitors. Nevertheless, Andrew Lee, at number 7, both took control in his match from the first point and won with a convincing 3-0 score to secure the Belmont Hill victory. As the team continues training, it is looking forward to both High School Nationals and the New England Tournament, in which the team is looking to improve upon their third and second place finishes. Good luck to the Varsity Squash team as they look towards an undefeated season!  

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