The End of an Emotional Football Season

The saying that all good things must come to an end rings true this fall with the conclusion of the Varsity Football Team’s season on November 14. Unfortunately, the team lost its last game to Governor’s Academy 28-14 in a four quarter brawl, but the team as a whole knows that this season was not defined by the numbers written on paper after each Saturday. With 21 of 22 starters graduating last year, everyone understood going into the season the football team would face significant challenges. Yes, the record was far from admirable, but it does not bear any representation of the young men on that team. Despite the tough losses of games and players, this season saw some of the greatest, toughest kids in the school take the field, and it will be remembered for many years to come.

It is easy to say that, this year, Belmont Hill had a horrible team. It is even easier to look at a team’s record and schedule and give up hope. But neither of these aspects apply to the 2015 football team. It was an amazing squad filled with love and compassion for one another and players who never quit. Anyone can assess an opponent, utter the casual, “you guys are going to get smoked,” and then say I told you so after the fact. It takes true character, however, to meet this enemy and stand toe to toe with the fear of defeat for four quarters and 48 minutes of football. Anyone can talk because talk is cheap. Few have what it takes to come back week after week and risk physical harm, sweat, and hours of their time to play the game of football. Some do not even want to risk future seasons for other sports, yet this year’s team demonstrated the true meaning of having heart, bravery, and brotherhood. Above all, the underclassmen did an excellent job of playing with their senior class, a handful of kids who would finally retire from the game once and for all.

The Captains of the football team and other Seniors would like to personally thank the Coaches (Mr. Butler, Curran, T. & P. Sullivan, Collins, Bobo, & Anam), Cage Staff (Mr. Negron & Mr. Wade), Athletic Department (Mr. Tahan & Mr. Murphy), Juniors, Sophomores, and a lone Freshman for an unforgettable season and end to their Belmont Hill Football careers.

To the senior players, you will forever be a family with a bond from this team like no other.

To the rest of the team, it has been an honor and privilege to call you my brothers and share the field with you this fall. Cherish every memory and good luck next year.

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