Optimistic Hockey Team Hopes for Highest Level of Play

The varsity hockey team has started what will hopefully become a successful season. After winning a scrimmage against St. Sebastian’s, their first game against Berwick Academy (5-2) and their second game against Nobles (4-3), many are confident that the team will be able to continue to be successful into the rest of the season. Captains Brian Matthews and David Giunta have been able to lead the team effectively during these critical first weeks. At the scrimmage against St. Sebastian’s, Belmont Hill progressively wore down the opposing team’s stamina to the point where they began to make mistakes. The team then capitalized successfully on these mistakes and converted them into goals. After Berwick scored two goals in the first minute of the first game, Belmont Hill shut them down for the rest of the game and again used its conditioning to its fullest extent, scoring all of its goals in the second and third periods. Nobles led early on in the game on December 5th, but for a third time the opposing team could not keep up with the ferocious pace and high level of play; they lost in overtime. The pattern established in these three games show that Belmont Hill knows how to manage their players such that they will be able to perform at their highest level. These early games have helped to define the team in a positive way. Confidence and optimism are two words I would use to describe how team members feel at this moment.

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