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Theater Program Updates

Covid-19 has changed all of our extracurricular activities this year, and this pandemic has hit Belmont Hill’s theater program hard. Experts continuously point out that theater and other organized forms of performing arts are hotspots for transmitting the novel coronavirus, especially since singing/projection and choreography/blocking, which break social-distancing protocols and facilitate the spread of the virus. So, the Belmont Hill theater department has developed a comprehensive plan to help students stay connected to the classical art without rewarding performances.

Earlier in the year, Mr. Diresta sent out an email surveying the community’s collective interest in what we wanted to include in our theater department. He and Mr. Conway then created a rotating 5-week plan that involves many aspects of the theater experience in addition to acting. So far, we have had workshops on how to operate the light board, how to construct sets best, how to direct, and many other opportunities that we never have the chance to engage in all in one season. The email initially stated that the programs would run during the Upper or Middle School’s respective sports slot, but we have so many people that want to do both that Middle and Upper Schoolers can do either of the time slots. There is no long-reaching commitment, so come in as often as you feel comfortable and willing to broaden your skills in the world of performing and visual arts!

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