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Theater Update

In the previous winter season, Belmont Hill and Winsor were supposed to put on a whole school production of It’s a Wonderful Life Radio Play. Unfortunately due to another Covid 19 surge Mr. Conway and the theater team were forced to make a difficult decision on what to do. The theater team came up with the idea to actually make it a radio play instead of an in-house radio play. Although this was not what the cast signed up for they were all understanding and happy that they would be able to still produce a version of It’s a Wonderful Life. The radio play was released on March 28th in an email addressed to both Winsor and Belmont Hill. The cast is as follows:

Will Achtmeyer: George Bailey 

Luisa Griffith-Gorgati: Mary Hatch Bailey, Janie, Young Mary Hatch Bailey, Matilda, Mrs. Thompson 

Stephen Agular: Pete, Young George Bailey, Ed 

Zora Chirunga: Zuzu, Violet, Young Violet, Mrs. Hatch, Rose Bailey, Ruth Dakin Bailey

Thomas Danahy: Tommy, Bert, Man, Nick, Sheriff

Daniel Rashes: Henry Potter, Bridge Keeper

Tommy Folan: Sam Wainwright, Ernie

Davis Barrett: Old Man Gower, Old Man Collins

Boston Ezedi: Joseph, Freddie Fillmore, Mr. Welch

TJ Cannistraro: Peter Bailey, Charlie

James Keefe: Harry Bailey, Binky, Clarence

Jeremy Eaton: Billy, Dr. Campbell

 Ethan Xie: Young Harry Bailey, Stage Manager

Julian Boutin: Martini, Cop

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