Transitioning to the Second Half of Fall Sports

During the first half of fall sports, a total of nine athletic options were available to students, consisting of both traditional fall and spring sports. Maintaining state guidelines and precautions concerning the spread of COVID-19, these sports were challenged with having to adapt and create new ways of running practices, ultimately causing most sports to focus largely on individual skills as opposed to group drills and competitions. Furthermore, the Belmont Hill athletic department, coaches, and staff were successfully able to produce the best athletic environment possible, receiving universal acclaim from athletes across all sports. Expressing immense gratitude towards the numerous individuals who contributed to these efforts, athletes were immensely thankful for the ability to still compete, improve, and enjoy themselves. 

Furthermore, as this first half of the fall sports season comes to a conclusion, Belmont Hill will begin modified interscholastic competition on October 17th. Recently announced on October 13th by the Belmont Hill athletic director Mr. Tahan, Belmont Hill will compete in modified scrimmages against five other schools, Nobles, BB&N, Rivers, St. Sebastians, and Thayer Academy, in three different sports: cross country, football, and soccer. While modifications will be made to accommodate COVID-19 guidelines, such as the mandatory wearing of masks, these scrimmages will provide much appreciated interscholastic competition for fall athletes. 

In contrast to other fall seasons, these competitions are not traditional “games”, but rather scrimmages in which league records will not be kept and fans will not attend at least for the first few weeks. Nevertheless, these scrimmages will still be recorded for parents and guardians to watch and will allow Belmont Hill students to attain a sense of normalcy in weekly athletic competition, in which they can both improve their skills and enjoy themselves. Although only Varsity athletes will compete in these scrimmages initially, the possibility of other teams eventually participating still exists if the first few weeks prove successful in mitigating the spread of the coronavirus. 

Finally, athletes are eagerly awaiting the upcoming second half of fall sports which will begin the week of October 19th, last for four weeks, and conclude on November 14th. In addition to the traditional fall sports of football, soccer, cross country, and strength and conditioning, select winter sports including basketball, hockey, and squash will be offered. While these winter sports too will have to adapt to new ways of practicing, student-athletes are optimistic and eager to begin. Ultimately, by the time the fall season concludes, a total of 12 sports will have been offered by the athletic department, a record number considering that only four options are available in normal years. All of the Belmont Hill athletes are greatly appreciative of the efforts of every member of the athletic department, faculty, and staff for providing these optimal opportunities and allowing athletes to obtain a sense of normalcy through engaging athletics. 

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