Young and Talented Football Team Suffers Loss in Season Opener

With the start of the new 2015-2016 school year comes the season one of our most loved sports: football. 21 of 22 starting positions were left open by graduated seniors, so the team this year is putting the pieces together as players compete for playing time on Saturdays. The only starter left to help lead the team is seasoned veteran, captain, and school president, David Perdoni. Perdoni is playing on both sides of the ball, as a tight end on offense and middle linebacker on defense. In addition, the young team must also turn toward their other leaders, captains Robert Griffin (safety) and DJ Demetri (middle linebacker), who help anchor the defense alongside fellow seniors Frank McField (outside linebacker/free safety) and Max Rudzinsky (defensive tackle). Frank and Robert double as receivers on the offensive side of the ball, providing a lethal, lightweight combination of both speed and heavy-hitting strength. The senior leadership extends further to returning players Callen Morris (recovering from a shoulder injury) and John Gosselin, both offensive and defensive lineman, and to two new kicking phenoms, Greg Katz and Griffin Gustafsson.

With this young team representing our school, it is only fair to introduce the underclassmen ready and willing to step up onto the gridiron. At the helm of the offense is the quick and shifty quarterback, Zachary Geddes. When not looking to take the ball up the field on his own, he often targets sophomore stud Jake Bobo, playing wide receiver. Meanwhile, sneaky Ray Hunt confirmed his lineman days are over, as he has given up the donuts and moved over to tailback following his debut JV season last year. Finally, Mr. Curran and Mr. Sullivan’s big boys are set to hold off defenders as lineman Dan Zakon, Jamie Feinberg, Matt O’Leary, Nate Miller, and Drew Bowser have clearly bulked up in the offseason.

The first game of the season had an electric start as running back and kick returner Isaiah Collins brought the opening kickoff from New Hampton to the house, scoring six. However, the team remained quiet until the second half as they allowed their opponent to run up the score. Despite the poor showing during the first half, Belmont Hill stepped on the field with renewed energy and a never-say-die attitude which helped them launch their attempted comeback later in the game. Without quitting, they played four hard-hitting quarters of football which can and will be improved upon, especially with the goal to give their supportive fellow students a good show in the coming weeks. Our heroes travel to the Cambridge lair of BBN’s Wicked Knights on the third of October, followed by another rivalry match against St. Sebastian’s in Needham. Looking ahead, our Homecoming takes place on October 17 as Belmont Hill football will square off against sworn enemy, Roxbury Latin at 2:00pm. There must be a massive crowd for this game in order for our Homecoming to truly show our pride for our school and varsity squad.

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