Varsity Sailing Whistles Through the Season

Coach Lyman and the Varsity Sailing Team accomplished an exceptional spring season. Led by Captain Francis Selldorf, this team achieved a record of 10 wins and 4 losses. Recovering from a disappointing loss to BC High towards the beginning of the season, the Varsity Sailing Team improved tremendously with a great win over Cheverus School. At New England qualifiers, the team took 4th place, barely missing the qualification to contend at New England’s. Nevertheless, the members of the sailing team, competing against 18 other teams, won the prestigious Downeast Fleet Race at Maine Maritime. Following suit to the team’s trend, Ned Whelan showed the greatest improvement in the eyes of their coach, and the 6 Middle Schoolers on the sailing team also exhibited great promise for the future of this Belmont Hill Varsity Team. Coach Lyman remarked on her time instructing this team, “I’ve really appreciated, as a new coach, the whole team’s enthusiasm through the harsh weather. The environment of the members made my time as a coach a very fun and positive experience.” Congratulations to Coach Lyman and the Varsity Sailing Team for their impressive performance this year.

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