Varsity Squash Starts Their Season in a Tough Spot

The Varsity Squash team is off to a painful start. Two preseason injuries (Timmy Brownell, torn ligaments in the right foot; Thomas Wolpow, fractured left shoulder), have held up the tryout process. The matches played thus far have produced some unusual results. Fifth Formers Alex Kurtin and James Bell have come out in top-form, with strong wins in the early rounds over historically higher ranked players. What could appear to be a concerning switch in team dynamics will ultimately prove beneficial to the squad. Each member has worked hard in the off-season, and the skill levels among the squad appear to be evening out, especially with Brownell, the consistent number one, out for a majority of the regular season. In the end, the order of the ladder is not of the highest concern for Coach Brownell; rather, he wants to see each member of the team improve throughout the year, with the long-term goal of a national championship in February.

First, however, the team must defend its ISL title, with the first, and likely the hardest, match of the year, against St. George’s in early January. Last year, the team powered through the Dragons in a 7-0 win. Save a medical miracle, it appears as if Brownell will be out for that match, which will put inevitable stress on the rest of the ladder as each player moves up a spot to fill his place. Nonetheless, the team is confident that it can pull out another strong win. The rest of the ISL season should go without a hitch. No other team poses a serious threat to Belmont Hill, with or without its #1 player.

Come February however, and the Team Championships at Trinity College, a less experienced player at the top spot would surely stand as a major obstacle in the later rounds. Luckily, Brownell should be ready to go by then. The Varsity Squash team is ready to bring home Belmont Hill’s first National Championship; preseason tribulations are no indication of future success.

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