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Weightroom, Track, & Turf Renovated Over the Summer: Revitalizes the Spaces

After a summer of non-stop field and fieldhouse improvements, returning boys discovered a redesigned weightroom, returfed varsity football field, and resurfaced track. Designed by Mike Stella, founder and owner of Stella Strength and Conditioning, in conjunction with exercise equipment producer Sorinex, the new Cross Fitness Room is one of the most advanced high school weight rooms in New England. The new room has eight racks each with lifting platforms and competition lifting plates emblazoned with the Belmont Hill sextant. Aside from the typical cardio machines, barbells, and dumbbells, the weight room also features advanced tech such as the Sorinex Jammers, hinged presses especially useful for training football lineman, and the Pit-Shark, a mechanism that incorporates the same muscles and movement as a regular back squat but removes spinal compression by having the weight attach to a belt around the waist.

“Believe in the process, put in you time, and you will find success. And make sure to put away your weights, too.”

Belmont Hill Sorinex Weightroom

Along with aiding in the design of the new room, Mike Stella and colleagues Josh Myers and Sam MacNicoll also run the Form IV fitness program, seasonal weightlifting programs, and work with some varsity sports teams to help them achieve their peak abilities. On the new addition, MacNicoll said, “All the new equipment and weights are a great asset to the school as they help to draw in students who would not usually lift or workout.” Myers responsible for the training and conditioning of athletes in the fall, gave the following advice concerning training: “Believe in the process, put in you time, and you will find success. And make sure to put away your weights, too.”

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